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They Don't Know About Us
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finally, FINALLY, after ages of floundering and procrastinating and generally having no idea how to go about this, i’ve managed to toss together something like an explanation of how i draw bodies. so, here is:


*only demonstrates this one body type, sorry, but the principles are applicable to any really

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Little Lady
Ed Sheeran
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You will never listen to A-Team the same again after this. This song “Little Lady” was actually written first, and they had him turn it down a bit and that song because A-Team.

 I cry every time I hear this song. It has such meaningful lyrics, just like all of Ed’s songs. Listen to it and read the lyrics.. Amazing


 Little Lady, this is just the worst way to spend your birthday
 It’s 30 degrees, Thursday
 You work late, you was with a perv making dirty fake love in his Mercedes
 Lady the word ‘rape’ sums up events that take place every night
 You wanna get up but you know your legs will ache if you try
 And you remember that your punter went crazy last night
 You drag yourself to the mirror to check your face then you cry
 Forget the visit to the clinic you were booked in for
 You’ll make a trip to the Whittington where they’ll look at your jaw
 They’ll be inquisitive and ask about your business for sure
 They’ll know your fibbing if you tell them you got hit by a door
 But young woman
 The pimp sees you as nothing but a dumb hooker
 Medical attention could be fatal
 ’Cause the cunt wouldn’t ever let a doctor near someone that’s getting dough for him
 ’Cause next you got poxy authorities sticking their noses in

 She’s just under the upper hand
 And goes mad for a couple grams
 And she don’t wanna go outside, tonight.
 ’Cause in the pipe she’ll fly to the motherland and
 Sell love to another man
 It’s too cold outside, for angels to fly.
 For angels to fly.

 Little Lady, your mind you’ve made up
 Your injuries you can’t hide with make-up
 You need some medical advice, you make up
 A little lie to say just
 In case the doc opens his eyes and don’t decide to play dumb
 With any luck you’ll see the same dude who stitched your top lip
 Last year when your pimp just lost it
 He wouldn’t recognise you if you stared him in the face anyway
 ’Cause all the heroin is making you age
 But your a heroine for taking the strain of being a prostitute and punching bag
 The funds you have left go where your from using Moneygram
 Mother had to get you out the motherland to study
 That was all she struggled to have a single daughter with the upper hand
 Little does she know your never coming back
 She put you in her brother’s hand only for him to formulate another plan
 He’s the fucking cause of your appalling state this summer
 Fancy that, you came to London to get pimped by your Uncle, damn.

 She’s just under the upper hand
 Goes mad for a couple grams
 And she don’t wanna go outside, tonight.
 ’Cause in the pipe she’ll fly to the motherland and
 Sell love to another man
 It’s too cold outside, for angels to fly
 Now an angel will die, covered in white
 With closed eyes and hoping for a better life
 This time, we’ll fade out tonight,
 Straight down the line.

 Little Lady, you’re trembling with fear
 Your skinny frame kinda resembles a deer
 You’re sitting facing the detective, oh dear
 The meddling nurse couldn’t just leave it,
 She’s only gone and made it much worse calling police in
 She’ll never know the gravity of the damage she’s caused
 You’re causing scandal going mad in the ward now
 The cop is trying to calm you, telling you he won’t let no one harm you
 The same question he keeps trying to ask you, who you working for?
 He’s talking to like your worth more than a dirty whore
 You’re having a conversation you could be murdered for
 You’re learning more about exactly why you need to help bring him or her to court
 It’s kicking knowledge you ain’t ever heard before
 Just before he leaves, he reassures you that he knows that it’s hard
 He underlines a mobile number you can phone on his card
 Begs you to use it
 He’s useless if your gonna be stupid
 ’Cause an answer hasn’t come from your bruised lips, your on your own
 You’ve gotta go and give your pimp what you owe
 You reach your door and then it dawns that you’ve been followed home
 Before you turn around you feel a cold blade on your throat
 And then a voice says 'where you been bitch? I wanna know.'
 No prizes for guessing who it is, resistance would be foolishness
 You open the front door, he boots you in
 There’s something new in him, he’s silent now that fills you with terror
 Get your alibi straight, you could be killed for an error
 He towers over you, the 6 inch knife catches the sunlight
 At this point your life flashes before your eyes
 Your handbags dropped and all the contents are all over the floor
 Despite the mess there’s only one thing that’s caught his eye
 And in the moment of rage, he brutally murders his niece
 And dumps her body in the boot of his Merc in the street.
 Little Lady left this earth in the worst way
 All because she got a card on her 13th birthday

 And we’re all under the upper hand
 And go mad for a couple grams
 And we don’t wanna go outside, tonight.
 ’Cause in the pipe she’ll fly to the motherland and
 Sell love to another man.
 It’s too cold outside, for angels to fly, for angels to fly, and fly fly,
 For angels to fly, to fly, to fly, angels to die. 

Reblogging to sob again

rip for when i first listened to this and i didnt expect to hear “on her 13th birthday” and my heart died 

“Nice tits!” one yelled from his scooter, the one with the handlebars almost as tall as his head.

My teeth clenched.

“Nice ass!” his playmate called out.

…I’d never been cat-called by a five year old before; I wasn’t sure how to respond. These were kids I knew, kids I saw daily and talked to sometimes about their games or toys, their classes and sports teams. These kids had sweetly asked me “what are you doing?” every time I was out gardening last summer.

“Hey! Tits! Ass!” Even in their young voices, I could hear a sense of power in these words.

…I thought about the glee I’d heard in their voices. They’d learned something new about how the world works, and they were testing it out. In the voices of these children I sensed a pride in having newly discovered that men were superior to women, and that this was a way in which that superiority is exerted…

When those two little boys yelled body parts toward me that spring day, I was furious, but I wasn’t angry at them. I was angry at a world that teaches them to treat us this way, that teaches them from such a young age. So this is when it starts, I remember thinking to myself. This is the age they learn it. Five years old. Now we know.

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if they’re going to talk about fanfiction in a bad light why not talk about how After romanticizes emotional abuse and manipulation and how 50 Shades of Grey is a bad representation of BDSM when it ignores safe words and leaves the girl uninformed but yeah some thirteen year olds writing something they enjoy is SO much worse

After does NOT romanticise emotional abuse, it fucking shows that no matter how fucked up someone is, there’s still hope for happiness you beanbag!

verbal/emotional abuse definition: Saying or doing something to the other person that causes the person to be afraid and/or have lower self esteem. Trying to manipulate or control the person’s feelings or behaviors.


  • name-calling and put downs
  • insulting the person or their family (he insults her mom all the time and probably Tessa too)
  • yelling and screaming (do i even need to list a specific time)
  • harming or threatening harm to the person or the person’s friends, family, pets, and property (Harry beats up Zayn)
  • making unwanted comments/sending unwanted messages of a sexual nature to the person
  • intimidating the person
  • embarrassing the person in front of others
  • spreading negative rumors about the person (when Harry calls the landlord or whoever about the apartment Tessa wants to move in to and tells her that Tessa is a drug addict or something, that she brings home people every night. i dont remember specifics but i know that he ruins her chances.)
  • preventing the person from seeing or talking to friends and family (THIS. HAPPENS. ALL. THE. TIME. SHE’S LITERALLY NOT ALLOWED TO SEE ZAYN OR THE GIRL WHO WAS HER ROOMMATE FOR A WHILE)
  • telling the person what to do
  • making the person feel responsible for the violence or abuse (she’s angry that he’s yelling at her and he says that she shouldn’t make him so mad)
  • stalking (he was a bit creepy at the beginning idk if i’d say stalking tho)
  • making the person feel guilty about wanting to leave the relationship by talking about the abuser’s hard life and how alone and abandoned the abuser will feel if left
  • sharing sexual or nude pictures of the person that were given in confidence (the sheets. not technically in this category, but the fucking sheets.)

okay. so i took all those examples from my notes from the dating abuse unit we did in school this past year. I didn’t put in any that weren’t relevant to After, out of 26 examples 15 applied to After. And I didn’t even read the whole thing. This is only emotional/verbal abuse, there are a few, admittedly very few, examples of physical abuse.

And yes, this stuff is romanticized. This story teaches it’s young readers that a relationship like this one is desirable. It teaches readers that if their partner treats you this way, if they cry and beg for you back and say that they’re sorry then you should take them back. It teaches it’s readers that if this happens repeatedly that it’s okay. He manipulates her over and over and over again, and nearly each time she leaves him, he feels bad and cries, and she takes him back. It’s a toxic story with a young audience. Harry is emotionally abusive and manipulative and the fact that he’s based on Harry Styles and the fact that everything ends up happy (I assume, I never finished) is what romanticizes it.

Also, thank you for calling me a beanbag. Beanbags are soft and wonderful and everyone loves them.


New unlock pic from 1Dwwabookapp (mine)
"I’m often asked when this crazy experience started to sink in. My honest answer? It still hasn’t"


New unlock pic from 1Dwwabookapp (mine)

"I’m often asked when this crazy experience started to sink in. My honest answer? It still hasn’t"


Frank Scherschel
Apartment house at 860 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, 1957


Frank Scherschel

Apartment house at 860 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, 1957